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June 22, 2013

Tea break @ agnes b cafe

by roniel

I find the cakes here quite nice… But I would still prefer Starbucks for coffee. @ harbour city

I had the venezuela cake (70% chocolate)

January 10, 2013

Oh, I wish it’s Christmas again!

by roniel

Looking at this photo really makes feel I want it to be Christmas again!! I don’t want to wait for one whole year!


September 10, 2011

US NAVY in Hong Kong

by roniel

this is such a very cool scene! the US Navy in TST! Well, I just happened to drop by TST and then I see this – didn’t hesitate to take out my iPhone and took some shots! I think today is their last day here in HK since I saw a few sailors checking in back to the aircraft carrier!

a short video to check out the whole carrier – sorry if its a bit noisy – but I always think the iPhone is quite good with videos:

June 16, 2011

A Saturday in TST

by roniel

I expected for it to rain on the weekend but to my surprise – it was very hot and sunny in the morning, so I took my camera out of the box for some photo-shooting. Didn’t know exactly what I was going to take but I was quite inspired by an article I read about the 10 errors of photographers: mistake #1 – some photographers think that there should be a purpose when they take photos. since there is always no purpose, cameras are always kept in their boxes and never touched for a long time.

My favorite shots on the weekend:

the color of the shop matched the colors of my shoes…

can see my shoes on the right side tim… ha!

can you guess whose camera is this?…. give you a hint… a superhero….

jumbo Chupa Chups~~~~~~


a view from the top…

Slideshow for all the photos:

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