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May 12, 2012

afternoon break at the Gold Coast

by roniel

It wasn’t a perfect weather but we had a nice break at the gold coast! It’s always nice to see these kind of stalls that sell interesting stuff… its just comfortable and a good place for a short break out of the busy city areas… highly recommend to go on a ‘sunny’ day!

June 27, 2011

Photo Walk from Chai Wan to Shau Kei Wan

by roniel

It’s been quite a while since I went and take photos just by myself… I looked out the window and saw the blue sky and said to myself – I should GO! And I did… I live in Chai Wan but I never really explored the area which I see everyday on the way back home and this was quite an oppurtunity.

the nice blue sky…

tunnel on my way to Shau Kei Wan…

still a long way till I get to Shau Kei Wan – but it was really a great walk.

June 23, 2011

A memorable trip to GuangDong Jiuzhaigou

by roniel

It was such a memorable trip with my best buddies to this wonderful place in the Guangdong province of China. This amazing place is known as “Guangdong’s Jiuzhaigou”. There are lots of waterfalls and mountains sights in this area – and I couldn’t stop taking photos – everything I see in this place is just worth every penny I spent. The people in the village were also nice to the tourists which made me feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed!

cultural village in Nienzhou: most of the men smoke and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this natural scene

the villagers welcomed all the visitors with a welcome drink made of local rice wine

beautiful waterfalls

June 1, 2011

april & man

by roniel


this was my first time to taking pre-wedding photos and believe me – it was really great fun! I enjoyed it very much and especially april and man were really such a sweet couple that you would enjoy taking photos of them.

the first thank you I received from them after seeing the photos – was that they were lucky that I was there (wearing my stupid shorts) – all the mosquitoes loved me very much – I think I have sweet blood :p

I really would like to thank april and man again for letting me take their pre-wedding photos for them even though knowing that I haven’t done pre-wedding shots before… this was indeed a very good experience for me and I hope that they both like the photos I took.

We only went to one location which is Disney’s inspiration lake and we were lucky that it was a sunny and lovely day (it rained for the whole week)!

Here are my favorite ones!

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Here are more photos taken that day…

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