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July 18, 2013

Missing Aleenta already!

by roniel

would you wonder why I would say that I miss the hotel we stayed when we were in Phuket! this is the view of the corner of my room… and yes… its 270 degrees sea view! every morning I would just wake up and jump straight into my private pool – swim while having the sea breeze…

aleenta resort & spa

July 7, 2013

a short break in Cheung Chau Island…

by roniel

sunny weather, fresh air and enjoying the break with your love one!  everytime i go to cheung chau, i always go to this family owned restaurant where they serve my favorite drink – ice cold fresh lemon orange juice! the best drink in summer! I’m dont remember the exact name of the restaurant’s name… but its on the left side of the island (haha… not really good with names…)

July 1, 2013

@Royal Marine Phuket…

by roniel

getting ready before we head off to the beautiful islands!

January 3, 2012

Lamma Island: A Blue Sky

by roniel

A special sunny day on Lamma Island. No need to tell but this is obviously not taken in this month as its getting pretty cold in Hong Kong now – the temperature up to this day is 17 degrees which is quite good. it is not easy to get blue skies in Hong Kong these days due to the pollution by factories located in Dongguan, China – so when there is such a great day like this – you would not want to waste it. One of the mot popular routines in Lamma Island is walking from one end to the other end of the island – so people have a choice to take the ferry and get off ‘Sok Kwu Wan’ or ‘Yung Shu Wan’. Normally people get off Sok Kwu Wan coz there are more things to see such as nice boutique shops selling interesting stuff and souvenirs – and apart from shops, you will find very nice restaurants in Sok Kwu Wan too.

It is highly recommended place to place to visit for one day getaway!

September 1, 2011

a sunny day at sai kung

by roniel

what a great memorable day to end the summer – a boat trip in sai kung on such a great afternoon! it is always a popular event to have a boat trip during the hot summers of Hong Kong! this is where friends and colleagues gather for drinks and water sports! everybody forgets about the trouble they have in mind and just drink and have fun – this is how to enjoy life!

of course – its always very IMPORTANT that we have enough drinks for such wonderful gatherings!

May 25, 2011

italy: venice, florence & rome

by roniel


今次相片的主題就係意大利, 包括我最鍾意去的威尼斯、佛羅倫斯同埋羅馬。我响威尼斯單獨住左5日, 所有大街小巷都比我磨熟嗮! 就連最好食的pizza 店, 我都一清二楚! 不得不提就是威尼斯的pizza 係呢三個地方最好食的! 但是佛羅倫斯同埋羅馬嘅Gelato就超級好好味!

Anyway, 我覚得意大利呢個國家嘅人都幾好、好有人情味、有好多好多值得影嘅景色。唔怪得有好多couple都來意大利影pre-wedding 或者honeymoon啦!

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May 15, 2011

my dream holiday: mykonos & santorini

by roniel

今日將希臘影重新搠排過。越睇越想再去多次這幾個超美麗的小島 – Mykonos 米克諾斯 & Santorini 聖托裏尼。那個時候的心情多麼自由自在- 每天起床就第一時間食個早餐然後就跳落泳池、一邊望着大海一邊享受着陽光。那moment 我永遠都會記得 – My best friend’s wedding!

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