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July 24, 2011


by roniel


One good friend from high school (form 7) for married yesterday @ ROSARY Church and it was my honor to witness to this nice and romantic wedding ceremony. I felt very happy seeing them get married in a church – and it was such a coincidence since I did consider this church as well… It is such a beautiful wedding and I couldn’t use many words to express it so it would better to show it with my camera. It also made me want to go to church again… I didn’t go for quite some time already and I know there are always so many reasons that I could think of for why I didn’t go – OK! I’ll GO! ……….. next week :p

Btw, I’m still always confused about Lallruns’s name: Wasn’t it Lawrence? It has the same pronunciation so I always get confused… Ooops…

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS Lallruns & Doris!

July 22, 2011

the future bowling museum

by roniel

took a short family holiday and stayed at the Zhuhai resort hotel – found out that we can have this one free bowling session for us to enjoy on our one night stay! what a treat! i’m not a super fan of bowling but i do enjoy the sport especially becoz of an influence of a friend (yes, its you!) i tried the bowling facilities in HK and I know that many have very advanced facilities but I always think the best thing about bowling is the fun it brings to us! the facility in this location is really very old fashion and the bowling balls were a bit old and the floor weren’t even waxed – well, it didn’t really affect out mood – we had lots of fun!

Note: please make sure that you don’t mistaken the points in the photos :p….. not mine lol!!

July 21, 2011

Wine Party @ Yuen Long

by roniel

What a Saturday! White wine & Red Wine + Pun Choy… What a great combination! I also found out that the owner studied at the same University (but from Clayton) as me~ what a coincidence! It’s really a small world! I can see that the owner really loves and misses Australia since there are lots of decorations from Australia.

Plus my favorite brand “PENFOLDS” – but these 2 vineyards are too expensive! I’ll need to wait till I win “Mark 6″… lol

July 12, 2011

Wayne’s First Photoshoot

by roniel

Taking this photo shoot of my Godson ‘little Wayne’ for the Macmillan Education’s catalog cover. I guess little Wayne was very happy to be one of the models for the front cover and he also like the Cheeky Monkey character of one of the series for Kindergarten. Taking photos for him was a very happy thing but its not as easy as many people would think – especially when it comes to making them smile or laugh at the right moment – they also won’t just stay still and let me take their photo – BUT it was really heaps of joy and fun. I enjoyed every moment! We were also quite lucky that it didn’t rain by the time we started the photo-shoot since there was this sudden heavy rain (with thunderstorm) during lunch time – and it gets even better when we had a little bit of sunshine to give us lovely natural light.

At one point the lifeguard came to Wayne and gave his sunglasses for little Wayne to wear! He looked very cute wearing those extra-large shades!

It takes time for kids to warm up – and by the time they do – its automatic! It would be great if it wasn’t that hot – but still we were lucky that it didn’t rain! What more can we ask!

July 10, 2011

sweet pineapple on the Jiangmun highway

by roniel

We see a lot of these hawkers selling pineapple along the highway roads – we saw them like in every 100m. Locals know that they have the sweetest pineapples around China and that we couldn’t get these ‘little’ pineapples in Hong Kong. Eventually, we stopped and chose the hawker stand that looked clean – (you know what its like in China – you just have to be careful).

Man, this was the best pineapple I have had! Wonderful sweet taste! But the funny thing was – our driver told us that if you think its too delicious there might be a chance that the farmers might have added some chemicals – haha! you just have to laugh! Well – I’m still ok so I guess we shouldn’t think too much. I’ll definitely stop again next time for more…!!!

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