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July 18, 2013

Missing Aleenta already!

by roniel

would you wonder why I would say that I miss the hotel we stayed when we were in Phuket! this is the view of the corner of my room… and yes… its 270 degrees sea view! every morning I would just wake up and jump straight into my private pool – swim while having the sea breeze…

aleenta resort & spa

July 14, 2013

Kirikayan Villas @ Koh Samui

by roniel

One of my recommendations of where to stay at Koh Samui… my whole experience during our stay was great! nice staff and the hotel itself is really super nice! We were quite lucky that it didnt rain too much during our visit given that we went during the rainy season but it ended quite well!

July 2, 2013

Terminal 21 @ Asok, Bangkok

by roniel

I’m not always a fan of shopping malls having the fact that its always the same shops everywhere… especially you would find shopping malls in every mtr station here in Hong Kong. of all the shopping malls, terminal 21 at Asok Bangkok is a real eye opener! from  the entrance to the toilets, the designers of the whole mall is just so creative! highly suggest to check it out when your in Bangkok…

July 1, 2013

@Royal Marine Phuket…

by roniel

getting ready before we head off to the beautiful islands!

June 30, 2013

Phi Phi Island… more to come!

by roniel

this is the one of the best islands that I have ever been to in my life! It was really a very good experience that I won’t forget… the clear water, the beautiful beach and the nice weather really makes this one of the best holiday retreat!

phi phi island - boat

April 14, 2013

Its Songkran this weekend in Bangkok!

by roniel

Saw the news today about Songkran! What a fun festival! Too bad our holiday finished before the festival!


April 12, 2013

My Top 5 food to eat in Bangkok

by roniel

Top 5 favorite things I’d always order and eat every time I’m in Bangkok!

1.      Green sweet mango with sugar and some spicy sauce – a real treat!


2.      Yellow mango with sticky rice – really good stuff if you love
mango! It could be for dinner or even lunch. Best to eat during summer
and helps cool down your body during the blazing hot sun!


3.      Spicy minced pork fried rice


4.      Coconut ice-cream – you just have it when your in town for just 30 baht!


5.      Tung Yam Kung Spicy soup – have it with noodles or just the soup!
Its so good… its even nice for those spicy lovers out there. They also have the not spicy version but I would still prefer the spicy if I have a choice~


December 27, 2012

Something different – Chocolate Villa, Bangkok

by roniel

A 40min drive from Bangkok city is this nice paradise called chocolate villa~ with its nice western vintage style! It’s very relaxing especially walking along the artificial lake in the middle~

We see quite of couples taking per-wedding photos here too…

And just 10 mins drive from chocolate villa is a nice place to have lunch… The locals would know it but I forgot the name of the place but I’m sure you could ask around where the nearest place for having lunch… And they would definitely point the direction:)

May 19, 2012

Saturday Wish!

by roniel

I just can’t wait for summer to come to enjoy a nice swim on the beaches in Hong Kong. The beaches in HK aren’t the best and some of them are even dirty but if you can go and just lie down on the beaches for a nap! that is just paradise and quick recharge from the busy city!

Just wanted to share this nice beach we went in Koh Samui – one of the world’s best beaches! Can’t wait to go there again! well… it’s again on my list of places to go again this year!

August 29, 2011

the Palace, bangkok

by roniel

I got an afternoon to visit the Grand Palace and to have a chance to glance through the previous home of the King. the whole palace was really very beautiful and we could even see the marvelous architecture. I was amazed with how the thai’s choice of colors – really colorful. I also really liked that the tourists would show their respect and wear long pants and the ladies would wear clothes that also cover the arms and legs – it was quite hot that day so wearing long pants was really quite hot.

I must say that the matching gold with plenty of colors does match the buildings and even makes it sort of mysterious feeling as well as having a ‘grand’ feeling. I would definitely visit the palace again when I visit Bangkok next time~

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