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August 1, 2011

catalog cover for year 2012

by roniel

catalog design finally out! my godson on the cover – he looks very sharp and happy! the funny part is that – you could also see a bit of me in this picture ~ you would need to look very closely though:)

July 12, 2011

Wayne’s First Photoshoot

by roniel

Taking this photo shoot of my Godson ‘little Wayne’ for the Macmillan Education’s catalog cover. I guess little Wayne was very happy to be one of the models for the front cover and he also like the Cheeky Monkey character of one of the series for Kindergarten. Taking photos for him was a very happy thing but its not as easy as many people would think – especially when it comes to making them smile or laugh at the right moment – they also won’t just stay still and let me take their photo – BUT it was really heaps of joy and fun. I enjoyed every moment! We were also quite lucky that it didn’t rain by the time we started the photo-shoot since there was this sudden heavy rain (with thunderstorm) during lunch time – and it gets even better when we had a little bit of sunshine to give us lovely natural light.

At one point the lifeguard came to Wayne and gave his sunglasses for little Wayne to wear! He looked very cute wearing those extra-large shades!

It takes time for kids to warm up – and by the time they do – its automatic! It would be great if it wasn’t that hot – but still we were lucky that it didn’t rain! What more can we ask!

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