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August 6, 2013

Kowloon City 2013…

by roniel

I think its about time to check out what has changed in kowloon city. It has changed quite a lot since I last visited this area – but there are some things that are still here like the various thai stores where they provide you with all the ingredients you would need to cook really nice thai food! especially my favorite tum yung soup!



July 1, 2013

@Royal Marine Phuket…

by roniel

getting ready before we head off to the beautiful islands!

December 27, 2012

Something different – Chocolate Villa, Bangkok

by roniel

A 40min drive from Bangkok city is this nice paradise called chocolate villa~ with its nice western vintage style! It’s very relaxing especially walking along the artificial lake in the middle~

We see quite of couples taking per-wedding photos here too…

And just 10 mins drive from chocolate villa is a nice place to have lunch… The locals would know it but I forgot the name of the place but I’m sure you could ask around where the nearest place for having lunch… And they would definitely point the direction:)

May 3, 2012

Van and Portland (Special Guest Author: HoiKin)

by roniel

Hey Sai So! It’s nice to have finally re-connected with you again after having lost contact for…hmm…6 or 7 years? Wow, it’s crazy. Anyway, thanks to the fact that I thought I saw you on the MTR and thanks to Facebook, we’re now in touch again J

So, I’ve promised that I’d write a bit about my trip to Vancouver and Portland earlier this month, so here it is! My apologies that the photos are a bit crap since they were all taken on my iPhone. Although I did bring a proper camera, I was too lazy to carry it around with me and I’m so used to using my iPhone to snap pictures now.

The day I arrived in Vancouver on 31March, the weather was rainy, cool, cloudy and gloomy. In other words, normal Vancouver weather in the spring (or actually for most parts of the year too). But I totally lucked out because the next morning was a beautiful day. I love Vancouver rain or shine, but there’s no denying that the city is even more magical when the sun is out and the skies are blue. I was staying with my brother for the first week in his new apartment in downtown Vancouver and this was the view I woke up to the next morning:

After catching up with a couple of friends over coffee, I took advantage of the awesome weather and suggested to my brother that we take a walk along Kits beach. Kits beach is beautiful and a super popular place to hang out during the summers. Here’s some of what we saw as we were taking our walk:

Oh, and did I mention that it was cherry blossom season while I was in Vancouver? Lucky me…awesome weather + cherry blossoms! J

The weather continued to be awesome the next day, so my mom and I went to Granville Island. This is one of my fave places in Van. Yes, it’s getting a bit touristy, but I still love it! It consists of a market full of fresh foods, art galleries, and shops selling locally designed products. It’s the perfect place to walk around on a sunny day:

In the afternoon, I took a leisurely stroll through historic Gastown. You might not want to be walking around here late at night on your own, but during the day, it’s a pretty part of downtown with historic buildings, tourist shops, plenty of hipster shops and cafes, and of course the steam clock.

From Gastown, I walked back to my brother’s place and he took me to a pizzeria for dinner. OK, the pizza here was freaking AMAZING. My all-time favorite pizza is from Pizzeria Mozza in Singapore, but this one proved to be able to match that! The place is called Pizzeria Farina and I highly recommend it if you ever go to Vancouver.

Before I knew it, a week had gone by and it was time for Portland!! ROAD TRIP!!!! Woohoo~~ There were four of us: me, my brother, my cousin and my cousin’s girlfriend. We headed out early to avoid the traffic at the border crossing as it was the Easter long weekend. And about 4 or 5 hours later, we were in Portland. It was my first time in Portland and it really reminded me a lot of Vancouver. A small, laid-back city, charming and beautiful. We dropped off our bags at the Hotel Monaco and headed to a nearby outlet for shopping. Then we had dinner at Huber’s, one of Portland’s oldest restaurants. They’re famous for their turkey dinners, so this was what I ordered, along with pumpkin pie. It was pretty rockin’ J

The next day, we had brunch at Bijou Café and then split up to go shopping. The others wanted to hit the malls and Nordstorm, but I was keen to check out the weekend market and the vintage shops dotted around downtown Portland. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I the simply loved the weekend market. So many stalls full of hand-made goods made my locals and there were also many food stalls near the waterfront. I think I could have easily spent an entire day there. The best part was that even these stalls take credit card! It’s true that you can pretty much survive just on plastic in the US. I did not exchange a single dollar of US money and it was completely fine!

After all the shopping, we stopped for a snack at Little Big Burger. You know you’re in the States when your “snack” consists of a burger and a root beer float 😛

After our snack, we went to check out the Museum of Contemporary Craft. There was an exhibition by a local artist, Betty Feves, and showcased her clay sculptures.

After that, we walked around the Pearl District and had Italian for dinner, although that was probably our worst meal of the trip since the pasta was way too salty.

The next day, we went for brunch at Mother’s. The interior was really nice, and I especially loved the big chandelier which was decorated with Easter eggs as it was Easter Sunday that day! And the lemon poppy seed pancakes were yummy to the tummy!

Next up, before leaving Portland, we went for a post-brunch walk in Washington Park. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and it was just lovely. I really wanted to just stay there and chill out for the rest of the afternoon, but sadly, it was time to head back to Vancouver.

But before getting back to Vancouver, we made one last stop in Seattle for last-minute shopping and dinner. Dinner was followed by ice-cream at Molly Moon’s…omg, this place is so awesome. Homemade ice-cream in a freshly made waffle cone. I’m a total ice-cream snob, so this was right up my alley! 😉 I had the honey and lavender flavor.

After getting back to Vancouver, the second week of my holiday somehow went by in a flash. It was so nice to finally visit Vancouver again and to see my friends after having been away for five years. It was sad to leave Vancouver, and I hope I won’t be waiting another five years before I go back! And here’s a final image I took with me as a memory til I go back again: A clear blue sky with the sun shining bright, taken from the backyard of our house.

Hoi Kin

April 6, 2012

Interesting things in Hokkaido…

by roniel

some interesting buildings in Hokkaido… I want to go again!

August 19, 2011

the streets of bangkok

by roniel

had another great trip in bangkok. enjoyed myself with spa and just wondering around the streets in bangkok. tried their monorail called BTS and find that it is really the best way to go around the city – taxi is very cheap – but the traffic is just unbearable.

i was on my way to the palace and found this hawker on the street selling ice-cream. it was very hard to resist. the funny thing was after buying the ice-cream for myself, a few foreigners came and asked me what flavor it was – i guess my face expression made the coconut flavored ice-cream attractive 🙂

August 1, 2011

ferry ride: from Wan Chai to TST

by roniel

Another day to take my partner out and take some photos! Today I’ve decided to take photos of Hong Kong’s best ride! The FERRY route from Wan Chai to TST! This 10-minute ride has the best views of both HK Island and Kowloon – there is no doubt about that! As a person living on the HK island – I find it sometimes quite troublesome to cross to Kowloon on the weekends since I always think you could find everything without crossing the tunnel – but that concept has changed especially when my wife family lives in the New Territories. I have crossed the harbor more times in this 2 years than my whole life living in HK.

Well, all I can say now is that I enjoy crossing the harbor via this Ferry:)

Hope the government won’t tear this pier too! (The HK Govt loves tearing down everything that people like) – I guess that’s the trend!

June 27, 2011

Photo Walk from Chai Wan to Shau Kei Wan

by roniel

It’s been quite a while since I went and take photos just by myself… I looked out the window and saw the blue sky and said to myself – I should GO! And I did… I live in Chai Wan but I never really explored the area which I see everyday on the way back home and this was quite an oppurtunity.

the nice blue sky…

tunnel on my way to Shau Kei Wan…

still a long way till I get to Shau Kei Wan – but it was really a great walk.

June 19, 2011

Seoul, Seoul, Korea, Korea… I want to go again!

by roniel

One of my favorite city in the Northern part of East Asia – Seoul. It’s a lively city with many many colors. My first impression of this city starting since I first visited 12 years ago – its such a colorful place! I’ve never seen a place that loves colors so much. Well – I guess that everyone could guess when you see their traditional clothes. But the funny thing is that the people have a very unique taste of color when it comes to cars – they mainly love black or white – so most of the cars you would find on the streets are either white or black. I’m always interested in historical things such as buildings or cultural stuff coz I find it very interesting and romantic…. Don’t you think?

My favorite photos during my visit:

traditional drum outside Gyeongbuk Gung…

one of my favorite architecture… very similar to China:)

where should i go next?

old vs new…

Here are more pics…

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June 16, 2011

A Saturday in TST

by roniel

I expected for it to rain on the weekend but to my surprise – it was very hot and sunny in the morning, so I took my camera out of the box for some photo-shooting. Didn’t know exactly what I was going to take but I was quite inspired by an article I read about the 10 errors of photographers: mistake #1 – some photographers think that there should be a purpose when they take photos. since there is always no purpose, cameras are always kept in their boxes and never touched for a long time.

My favorite shots on the weekend:

the color of the shop matched the colors of my shoes…

can see my shoes on the right side tim… ha!

can you guess whose camera is this?…. give you a hint… a superhero….

jumbo Chupa Chups~~~~~~


a view from the top…

Slideshow for all the photos:

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