italy: venice, florence & rome


今次相片的主題就係意大利, 包括我最鍾意去的威尼斯、佛羅倫斯同埋羅馬。我响威尼斯單獨住左5日, 所有大街小巷都比我磨熟嗮! 就連最好食的pizza 店, 我都一清二楚! 不得不提就是威尼斯的pizza 係呢三個地方最好食的! 但是佛羅倫斯同埋羅馬嘅Gelato就超級好好味!

Anyway, 我覚得意大利呢個國家嘅人都幾好、好有人情味、有好多好多值得影嘅景色。唔怪得有好多couple都來意大利影pre-wedding 或者honeymoon啦!

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my favorite shots in venice:

I don’t remember where I took this one… But I’m sure it’s on one of the other islands~

so beautiful and calm… it’s good to live here one day…

my favorite shots in Florence:

having gelato and having a great view:)

my favorite photos in rome:

time to make a wish:)


4 Comments to “italy: venice, florence & rome”

  1. great photos! i hope mine turn out just as well during our italy and greece trip in a month. 🙂

  2. Nice photos! I love Italy…

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