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June 1, 2011

april & man

by roniel


this was my first time to taking pre-wedding photos and believe me – it was really great fun! I enjoyed it very much and especially april and man were really such a sweet couple that you would enjoy taking photos of them.

the first thank you I received from them after seeing the photos – was that they were lucky that I was there (wearing my stupid shorts) – all the mosquitoes loved me very much – I think I have sweet blood :p

I really would like to thank april and man again for letting me take their pre-wedding photos for them even though knowing that I haven’t done pre-wedding shots before… this was indeed a very good experience for me and I hope that they both like the photos I took.

We only went to one location which is Disney’s inspiration lake and we were lucky that it was a sunny and lovely day (it rained for the whole week)!

Here are my favorite ones!

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Here are more photos taken that day…

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