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December 29, 2012

Smelly Tofu

by roniel

Do you know the difference between HK smelly tofu and Taiwanese smelly tofu? Apart from both the smelly smell…

Every time I go Taiwan, I would always think that Taiwan has such great smelt tofu – but every time I have it in Hong Kong, I feel that the HK style is far better taste… Do you agree?



December 21, 2012

New place in town! 上引水產Addicted Aquatic Development

by roniel


Yes! The new must-to-go place in Taipe to enjoy high quality sashimi and sushi! And yes! It’s called ‘Addicted Aquatic Development’! What a name! In Chinese, it’s called 上引水產…

It’s located near Zhongshan junior high school 中山國中, so you can take the mrt and then go there by taxi! No need to worry, taxis in Taiwan are really reasonable! I almost wanted to go there everyday!

Apart from fresh sushi and shashimis, they also have lots of stuff to see… Thye also sell different kinds of japenese sake Taiwanese fruits!



December 20, 2012

the cigarette mask! Jiufen, Taiwan

by roniel

Say Hi to the cigarette mask!

A very interesting mask I saw on my way to the top of Jiufen!


December 19, 2012

The Story House, Taipei

by roniel

Silly me! Didn’t really get a chance to see what’s inside the story house… Didn’t realize its closed on Mondays! To all of you guys who are interested in going – make sure you check that it’s not a Monday… I heard that its nice inside and lots of couples go and take pre-wedding photos here. I’m curious to see it in person.. Better luck next time then!



Well, the lucky part is that there is a nice park where you can take pictures on your way to the story house and if you are artistic enough, you can also stop by he art museum just next to it~




December 15, 2012

Jiufen, Taiwan popular fish balls

by roniel


I reckon the best fish balls in Taiwan!! 九份Is the place where I had this nice fish ball soup and rice noodles! People say that Taiwan is always about eating good food and I always believed that they had delicious food!


My recommendation when visiting taipe or any other places in Taiwan is don’t eat too much of one kind of food in one restaurant coz you never know what the next restaurants along food street offers! There is always food that you want to eat and eat! It’s just non-stop!

May 9, 2011

taiwan: around taipei

by roniel

taiwan is always one of my favorite place to go… you can easily find things to do there and won’t feel bored ! it has food, shopping and even sight-seeing places everywhere – you would want to take photos of everything you see in there… its such a wonderful place and I’ll definitely go to taiwan again this year!

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Here are some of my thought of my favorite photos:

the long taxi queue

street hawkers checking out for ‘food’ police…

old man sitting on the streets…

Want to ride your bike along the wharf? I feel like doing that now…

my favorite delicacy in taiwan – Smelly TOFU

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