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September 29, 2011

Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

by roniel

my favorite!! Bruno Mars has great music talent!

September 26, 2011

Lake Egret Nature Park @ Tai Po

by roniel

First time to check this nice place located in Tai Po – it is not near the train station so you might need to take a cab from the station to this nice place. It is quiet around the lake and having a short walk before having BBQ at the rooftop restaurant.

there is this very nice white house at the middle of the lake where a lot of couples take nice pre-wedding photos… we could book this little house for a romantic dinner for two.

September 10, 2011

US NAVY in Hong Kong

by roniel

this is such a very cool scene! the US Navy in TST! Well, I just happened to drop by TST and then I see this – didn’t hesitate to take out my iPhone and took some shots! I think today is their last day here in HK since I saw a few sailors checking in back to the aircraft carrier!

a short video to check out the whole carrier – sorry if its a bit noisy – but I always think the iPhone is quite good with videos:

September 4, 2011

Hong Kong 70’s Exhibition

by roniel

was quite lucky to get a chance to see this exhibition just by chance today – didn’t expect it would look like this – but it was sort of a good presentation of HK in the 70’s. I took all the photos using my iPhone – lucky the effect is quite good!

there are a lot of things and stuff that I believe the new generation would know or have ever seen in their life! I guess not many would now how printing was back in those days… now all we need is a computer and a printer~

September 1, 2011

a sunny day at sai kung

by roniel

what a great memorable day to end the summer – a boat trip in sai kung on such a great afternoon! it is always a popular event to have a boat trip during the hot summers of Hong Kong! this is where friends and colleagues gather for drinks and water sports! everybody forgets about the trouble they have in mind and just drink and have fun – this is how to enjoy life!

of course – its always very IMPORTANT that we have enough drinks for such wonderful gatherings!

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