Greece: Mykonos & Santorini

今日將希臘影重新搠排過。越睇越想再去多次這幾個超美麗的小島  – Mykonos 米克諾斯 & Santorini 聖托裏尼。那個時候的心情多麼自由自在- 每天起床就第一時間食個早餐然後就跳落泳池、一邊望着大海一邊享受着陽光。那moment 我永遠都會記得 – My best friend’s wedding!!

Enjoy the slideshow:)

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My Favorite Photos @Mykonos  米克諾斯

the view from my room… imagine waking up every morning with this view! paradise~

the famous beach in mykonos… it’s like a 30 mins journey from the main island to this wonderful beach… no need to worry about food coz there are a nice restaurants just beside the beach…

this was a very funny photo. we unintentionally went into somebody’s home and took pics of their backyard. haha! it was soo funny! we even used their toilets – then finally the owner came out and told us that this was her home… what a moment to remember.

so beautiful kids having fun… i couldn’t resist and i needed to take a photo of them.

even the cat feels lazy and enjoying the breeze~ very 幸福 happy cats~

i always have this feeling that everything and worth taking a photo… i can’t stop… for those of you who are thinking of going, please bring extra memory cards… you’ll need it! trust me!

My Favorite Photos @Santorini 聖托裏尼

would you like to have your wedding in this church?

my best-friend’s wedding bouquet! two of us went for the wedding… and guess what happened? Santorini – your such a wonderful place!

what else can i say? sunset @ Santorini…

my first time to ever ride a donkey…! for one second… i was soooo scared.. 🙂

an island near Santorini… another beautiful place!

imagine having dinner with this view along with the nice breeze and wonderful environment! you would like time to stop…

6 Responses to “Greece: Mykonos & Santorini”

  1. Wow these are beautiful photos! My dream is to go to Greece someday! thanks for sharing!

  2. lovely photos. Mykonos is one of my favourite places too. Only saw Santorini from the boat though.

    • Thanks Joanne! Yes, Mykonos is amazing and people are so nice! Santorini also must go place – a totally different island that gave me very different experience!


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