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November 9, 2013

Cathedral Church @ Caine Road

by roniel

Went to a beautiful wedding this morning… Everything was perfect, the weather, the people, the couple , basically the whole thing was nice !



July 18, 2013

Missing Aleenta already!

by roniel

would you wonder why I would say that I miss the hotel we stayed when we were in Phuket! this is the view of the corner of my room… and yes… its 270 degrees sea view! every morning I would just wake up and jump straight into my private pool – swim while having the sea breeze…

aleenta resort & spa

July 13, 2013

Always makes me happy song…. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

by roniel

enjoy it again and again…

July 24, 2011


by roniel


One good friend from high school (form 7) for married yesterday @ ROSARY Church and it was my honor to witness to this nice and romantic wedding ceremony. I felt very happy seeing them get married in a church – and it was such a coincidence since I did consider this church as well… It is such a beautiful wedding and I couldn’t use many words to express it so it would better to show it with my camera. It also made me want to go to church again… I didn’t go for quite some time already and I know there are always so many reasons that I could think of for why I didn’t go – OK! I’ll GO! ……….. next week :p

Btw, I’m still always confused about Lallruns’s name: Wasn’t it Lawrence? It has the same pronunciation so I always get confused… Ooops…

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS Lallruns & Doris!

June 1, 2011

april & man

by roniel


this was my first time to taking pre-wedding photos and believe me – it was really great fun! I enjoyed it very much and especially april and man were really such a sweet couple that you would enjoy taking photos of them.

the first thank you I received from them after seeing the photos – was that they were lucky that I was there (wearing my stupid shorts) – all the mosquitoes loved me very much – I think I have sweet blood :p

I really would like to thank april and man again for letting me take their pre-wedding photos for them even though knowing that I haven’t done pre-wedding shots before… this was indeed a very good experience for me and I hope that they both like the photos I took.

We only went to one location which is Disney’s inspiration lake and we were lucky that it was a sunny and lovely day (it rained for the whole week)!

Here are my favorite ones!

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Here are more photos taken that day…

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May 15, 2011

my dream holiday: mykonos & santorini

by roniel

今日將希臘影重新搠排過。越睇越想再去多次這幾個超美麗的小島 – Mykonos 米克諾斯 & Santorini 聖托裏尼。那個時候的心情多麼自由自在- 每天起床就第一時間食個早餐然後就跳落泳池、一邊望着大海一邊享受着陽光。那moment 我永遠都會記得 – My best friend’s wedding!

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April 27, 2011

Stylish Melbourne

by roniel

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