Miniature Tea Restaurant (冰室)

by roniel

Anybody wants a nice cold red bean drink (紅豆冰) or try out the famous HK pineapple bun (菠蘿油) in a traditional HK style Tea Restaurant (茶餐廳/冰室) – I’m sure this will bring back lots of memories. I guess there is not many restaurants like this left in HK – including this one…


Stinky/Smelly Tofu (臭豆腐): MY FAVORITE!!!

Whatever you call it – stinky tofu is the one of the best delicacies you will find it HK! It is the icon and one of the must-have food in HK (in my opinion). I just love the texture, the outside crunchiness and the spongy feeling inside – AND, you must add the red sauce to make it even more tastier.

I remember back in the old days where there were street hawkers selling smelly tofu on the street – I used to have at least 2 every time I see him. And sometimes I do wonder how he carries the oily wok around the streets.


2 Comments to “Miniature Tea Restaurant (冰室)”

  1. I had stinky tofu in Shanghai and it really smells bad, haha, but it tasted good.
    Great use of tilt-shifting here (I think). The tea-house looks like the size of a dollhouse! Beautiful. 🙂

    • Oh really? Shanghai smelly tofu ain’t as smelly as the HK one though~ next time you might want to to try it if you get a chance to come to HK! It is different~ but yup… the taste is really yummy!!
      It is sort of having the tilt-shifting effect – but I was using the 24-70mm lens to make it~

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