ferry ride: from Wan Chai to TST

by roniel

Another day to take my partner out and take some photos! Today I’ve decided to take photos of Hong Kong’s best ride! The FERRY route from Wan Chai to TST! This 10-minute ride has the best views of both HK Island and Kowloon – there is no doubt about that! As a person living on the HK island – I find it sometimes quite troublesome to cross to Kowloon on the weekends since I always think you could find everything without crossing the tunnel – but that concept has changed especially when my wife family lives in the New Territories. I have crossed the harbor more times in this 2 years than my whole life living in HK.

Well, all I can say now is that I enjoy crossing the harbor via this Ferry:)

Hope the government won’t tear this pier too! (The HK Govt loves tearing down everything that people like) – I guess that’s the trend!


6 Comments to “ferry ride: from Wan Chai to TST”

  1. I grew up in Hong Kong. Oh, how I miss it! Beautiful photos!

  2. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What touched me with your pictures is the way it let see the town “in itself”. I mean that HK through your pic seem familiar to me as if I had been there.
    cheers from france

    • Thanks Jerome! I’ve been to France myself~ I think I need to post some here so I’ll need to take it out from the old hard-drives~
      HK is an interesting place to visit~

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