beijing in year 2007

by roniel

早幾日見新聞有關於北京紫禁城的報到令我突然想睇返以前影嘅相片。基於自己本身太懶同埋時間嘅關係、都完全冇retouch啲相 – 當我再睇返就發現啲好有趣嘅野 – 有幾張响紫禁城同長城係原全冇人o架!唔知下次去有冇機會再影到呢啲相呢?

Saw the news the other day about the installation of CCTV cams in the Forbidden City and decided to take my hard-drive and post some photos I took in Beijing, I know what BJ looks like but I was quite surprised to find some pics  were a clean shot – I mean there were nobody blocking the scenery when I took it – I mean its CHINA! That’s pretty amazing to take photos without so many people blocking the way… I guess I can’t these kind of photos next time… (makes me want to take out my passport and just go…ha!)

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